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Upper Limb Orthoses Introduction

It is specifically designed for the upper limb to improve its function and structure. It includes braces, slings, and splints.

Upper Limb Orthoses
It serves the purpose of reducing the pain and correct the deformities of the upper limb.

Features of Upper Limb Orthoses

  • Wrist orthoses support, protect and prevent deformities of the wrist, while Wrist Hand orthoses support both the wrist and hand.
  • Commonly referred to as “removable casts”, fracture orthoses protect and prevent deformity in the case of a non-displaced fracture.
  • Designed to support, protect, and prevent deformity of the elbow, this orthosis can be custom made or prefabricated depending on the amount of control needed.
  • Designed to support, protect, and prevent deformity of the shoulder, this orthosis is commonly used postoperatively for immobilization of the ball and socket joint.
  • A custom-fit device, this orthosis uses Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to activate muscle groups in the forearm to produce functional movement patterns in the hand.
  • Finger orthoses are used to support, protect and prevent deformity of the fingers.

Types of upper limb Orthoses:

Our Mobility Solution offers 5 types of Upper limb Orthoses.They are as follows-

  1. Hand orthosis
  2. Wrist-hand orthosis
  3. Elbow orthoses
  4. Shoulder-elbow orthosis
  5. Shoulder-elbow-wrist orthoses
Upper Limb Orthoses products

Our Mobility Solution helps people to regain their Lower limb function and enhance the standard of living. We offer the best Upper Limb Orthoses products for our patients and stand with them for their further development.

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