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Upper Limb Prosthetic Introduction

It is designed for the replacement of the missing limb or part of the body. It can be applied from the shoulder joint through the fingers and can be applied for the hand, the wrist, the forearm, the elbow, the upper arm, and the shoulder. Our Mobility solution provides these prostheses to the patients for their improvement and lives a healthy life with a positive spirit as that of others.

Upper Limb Prosthetic
The purpose of providing upper limb prostheses is to help the amputated people to have a normal life and to regain the substantial upper-limb function of the upper limb.

Features of Upper Limb Prosthetic

  • The design looks sleek and elegant.
  • The products are made with cutting-edge technology.
  • Individual Motors helps in hand movements with a natural grip to optimize the distribution of weight to provide comfort.
  •  Powerful microprocessors are fixed in the products to monitor the position of all the fingers and control the hand movements.
 There are 14 grip patterns and hand positions for the easy performance of routine activities.  There is an option of proportional speed control to control delicate tasks. Quick Disconnect, Multi-flex, short wrist are the other special features

The components of Prostheses are

  • Terminal devices
  • Wrists
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Socket 
  • Suspensions systems

Types of Upper Limb Prosthesis:

Our Mobility Solution offers 4 types of Upper limb prostheses.They are as follows-

  1. Conventional or Body powered
  2. Electric or External powered
  3. Cosmetic or Passive
  4. Hybrid
upper limb prosthetic

Our Mobility Solution helps people to regain their upper limb function and enhance the standard of living. We offer the best upper limb products for our patients and stand with them for their further development.

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Upper Limb Prosthetic Products

i-Limb Quantum titanium

i-Limb Quantum Titanium

  • It has five independently articulating digits with individual stall out ability.
  • It has an electronically rotating thumb that switches between lateral and oppositional grip patterns automatically 
  • It controls in 4 methods like Gesture, App, Muscle, Proximity.
  • It is available in 4 sizes like extra small, small, medium, and large.
i-Limb Access

i-Limb Access

  • It is a myoelectric, multi-articulating prosthetic hand.
  • It offers five individually powered digits and manually rotatable thumb.
  • It has specific muscle signals called triggers to control muscle and activate specific grip.
i-Limb Wrist

i-Limb Wrist

  • It is a powered wrist rotator for use with the i-Limb hand.
  •  It provides simultaneous rotation upon grip selection and optimum functionality.
  • It supports conventional control options including co-contraction and high/low


  • Living skin passive functional prostheses are handcrafted from high-definition silicone to match the unique details of the skin’s appearance. 
  • It is hand-painted by artists to match the skin tone and details like freckles, hair, or nails, of the patients.
  •  It provides a highly cosmetic solution to support pushing, pulling, and stabilizing functions.
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