Lower Limb Prosthetic Introduction

Lower limb functional Prosthetic is for the amputated people to make them perform their normal locomotions with confidence. It is provided to compensate for the loss of body parts like arm, leg, shoulder etc.to hamper the daily life activities of an individual.

lower limbs prosthesis
The main purpose of lower limb prosthesis is to make the patients walk, run, cycle, climb, and perform other athletic activities.

Features of Lower Limb Prosthetic

  • It gives maximum support and energy to attain a normal life.
  • Fabrication of lower limb prosthesis with high-tech materials like carbon fiber and titanium provides perfect fitting of the mold.
  • Modern-tech material fabrication of lower limb products helps to store and release energy during the movements.
  • The hydraulic and electronic system provides stability and controls the movements of the leg.

Types of lower limb prosthesis:

Our Mobility Solution offers 4 types of lower limb prostheses.They are as follows-

  1. Above Knee prosthesis
  2. Below Knee prosthesis
  3. Symes prosthesis
  4. Hip Disarticulation prosthesis
lower limb prosthesis mobility solution

Our Mobility Solution provides functional prosthesis to patients with modern components. We help in improving the patient’s quality of life by using our products. Mobility Solution provides lightweight products for the maximum function of the patients to lead their routine life in the workplace and in society.

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Lower Limb Prosthetic Products

Foot Prosthetics



  •  It is an adaptive microprocessor-controlled ankle.
  • It has motor-powered ankle motion which increases toe clearance while walking.
  • It reduces the risk of trips and falls.
  • It provides enhanced gait quality on stairs and inclined surfaces by adjusting the angle of the ankle.
  • It adapts in terrain, on level-ground, ramps, and stairs automatically.
  • It is weatherproof and has an integrated battery.
k2 sensation prosthetic foot

K2 Sensation Prosthetic Foot

  • It is flexible and made up of full-length fiberglass keel.
  • It gives stability to the patients and smooth progression from heel strike to toe-off with comfort for low impact activities.
  • It is lightweight, reliable, effective, and easy to ease.
  • It enhances user acceptance and mobility.
Cheetah Xplore Prosthetic

Cheetah Xplore Prosthetic

  • It is a unique crossover and custom-built hybrid carbon fiber foot prosthesis.
  • It is designed for everyday use which allows the user to engage in various activities.
  • It ensures an active healthy lifestyle by giving support to the amputees with increased balance and stability through high return and dynamic push-off combination.
Cheetah Junior with Nike Sole

K2 Sensation Prosthetic Foot

  • It is a high-performance carbon fiber foot.
  • It is designed especially for both transtibial and transfemoral users during run and play.
  • It is strong and helps the children in engaging in sports by the attachment of posterior to the socket.
  • It offers increased stability and smooth natural rollover for the patients.

Knee Prosthetics

power knee prosthetics

Power Knee Prosthetics

  •  It is the first motor-powered prosthetic knee, the POWER KNEE works as an integrated extension of the user, designed to restore the power of lost muscles and symmetry of movement that is vital for those with limb loss. 
  • It gives the ability to cover greater distances as before and negotiate obstacles and inclines easily.
  • It helps in ascending stairs foot-over-foot at ease.
Locking Knee Prosthesis

Locking Knee Prosthesis

  •  It is a simple, reliable, and lightweight knee joint which gives a permanent solution to the low active amputees.
  • It is intended to be used during rehabilitation.
  • It is a single axis knee system with locking options.
  • It is available in low swing resistance and high stance resistance.
Total Knee Junior Prosthesis

Total Knee Junior Prosthetics

  • It is a polycentric knee with a geometric locking system.
  • It gives young users security, natural motion, and ease of walking.
  • It has an adjustable stance flexion and extension promoter.
  • It is easy to cover as it offers 160 degrees of knee flexion. 
  • It helps in the natural movement of children such as walking, running, sitting, squatting, and kneeling.
Mauch Knee Prosthesis

Mauch Knee Prosthesis

  • It is to withstand unpredictable conditions. It is suited for highly active users. It is a single axis hydraulic knee system with Swing and Stance Control.
  • It is designed for multi-speed ambulation.
  • It has a highly durable aluminum frame and secures motion with durability.
  • It produces stance control and smooth action.
  • It has a manual locking option and free swing functions.

Ankle Foot Prosthetics:

Genium Knee Prosthesis

Genium Knee Prosthesis

  • It is designed with breakthrough technology. The function in the latest microprocessor controls prosthetic knees.
  • It gives dynamic stability and is water-resistant.
  • It is more compact. It has a gyroscope sensor and 5-day battery life as its special feature.
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