Artificial Limb Centre in Gurgaon!

Mobility Solution gives you all the solutions for a better life. It was established in the year 2005 and has been running successfully and offering a better life to its esteemed patients.

Whether you want to go Kayaking or just ride around and or trekking, we understand your needs and work towards giving you a better life thereafter. It is our key focus to improve our patient’s lifestyles by giving them a reason to live a normal life.

We are the manufacturer and service provider of Artificial hand, Robotics hand, Artificial Limbs, Prostheses Foot, Bone Prostheses, Orthotic equipment, Artificial Limb Centre in Gurgaon!, Artificial Silicon fingers, Osseointegration Implant, Cosmetic Restoration Service, Upper Extremity Service, and Lower extremity Solutions service.

We centralize on giving the best Fabrication and fitting for every type of Prosthetics and Orthotics needs to enhance their standard of living.

The process starts with understanding your need and referring you to the correct doctor for a pertinent solution. We also guide and educate the family along with the patient about the whole technology.

Our Services :-

Orthotic :- We help patients who has difficulties in their legs and arms by giving them the accurate solution for life

Prosthesis :- This is the process to help people who have an amputated their arms and legs due various reasons like ‘Vascular complicated diseases’, ‘Trauma’, ‘Cancer or Tumors’

Foot Care and Diabetic Solutions :-  Diabetic patients are prone to foot problem that develop due to long periods of high blood sugar. We Help them to start a better and fulfilling way.

Pediatric Solution:-  We thrive to provide a child with a better life and have a normal life along with their friends and family. Our Pediatric professionals serve children with the utmost care, love, and empathy to restore and lead a successful life.