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What is prosthesis and what is the purpose?

A prosthesis or prosthetic is the process of implanting an artificial device to replace the missing parts of the lower or upper extremities. It is designed to restore the function or the appearance of a person in their life.

Purpose • The purpose of the prosthesis is to help the people who have an amputated limb to perform their functional tasks especially walking(ambulation) which is not possible without the limb. It provides an opportunity to improve their standard of living with a positive outlook. The extent of amputation determines the type of prosthesis.

The following are the major causes of Limb Amputations:

  1. Cancer or Tumors
  2. Trauma and
  3.  Vascular complicated diseases

A prosthetist is a specialist who designs and fits the prostheses to the patients. The process of fitting is done in the hospital after getting the incision healed and swelling too healed from the amputation. The prostheses process involves.

  • The measurement of the stump and choosing healthy opposite limb
  • The process of fitting the silicone liner
  • In making a plaster mold
  • Fashioned socket
  • the formation of plastic parts and creation of the metal parts of the limb
  • the attachment of the shaft
  • In the alignment the prosthesis

You may begin to practice with your artificial limbs very soon after the surgery that depends on your comfort and healing of your wound. Our physical or professional therapist will give you training on the usage of the prosthetics with utmost care.

Prostheses Parts and Types

A limb prosthesis has 4 categories: They are

  • The interface between the residual limb given by the thin cushion materials that are worn over the residual limb.
  • The suspension provided by certain gel interfaces for specific applications like passive suction, locking pin, vacuum, belts, and straps.
  • The structural components of a limb prosthesis that includes the socket, appendage, joint and connecting modules for both the lower limbs and upper limbs.
  • The appearance of the prostheses by covering it with a synthetic skin that matches the skin tone of the person.

We Understand that when you Look Better, You feel Better. When you feel Better,
You Smile more!

Choosing and Using a Prosthesis

A number of factors are involved in choosing a prosthesis. They include:

  • The location and level of the amputation
  • The condition of the remaining limb
  • Your activity level, particularly for a prosthetic leg or foot
  • Your specific goals and needs

Upper Extremity Prosthesis

It is designed for the replacement of the function or appearance of the missing part of the upper limb. It helps in locomotion like walking, running, jumping, and stair climbing. Mobility Solution helps you with the suitable upper limb prostheses for the proper amputations.

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Lower Extremity Prosthesis

It is a process to restore the function or cosmetic purpose of the limb by replacing any part of the lower limb. It includes the replacement with artificial components for the hip, thigh, knee, ankle, and foot. It provides support, controlled motion, reduces pain, correct deformities, and prevents the progression of deformities. Mobility Solution provides you with the best lower limb prostheses to help you to restore the function of your legs.

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